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Hải Bằng HDB

* Dedicated to VIET BANG
        Hai Bang H.D.B

The current of thinking flows restlessly in me
Owing to the Supra Gravity from the Center of Energy
Thus, I am thinking, then I am being*
It is the stream of the conscious that forms everything
That you believe, then it exists
If you don’t, “it exists” becomes none.

In Darkness, you see me “naught”
In Daylight, you spot me “one”
God originally is of no person and no form.
His Spirituality is Radiance of Love.
Giving pulsating force for human hearts to throb
With imagining mind, you form His Apparent
And He is there in Mystical Halo
Without belief, you conscious shall be wavering.
And He shall return in His Cloak of Void.
Covering enlightened humans who await
To leave the Stray’s Ports for the Wakened’s Shores
You shall stay with your “I” of full tort
Playing the dual role, the coward and the arrogant,
That makes your soul fall into decadence.

Why don’t you know to elevate your heart and mind?
Just leave iron-blooded human culture behind.
For the “Non-I” Tree of the New Age to bloom,
Hence the Outward Love to be overwhelmed in all.
For human souls, ours and the others’
To enter the World of Supra Being
Where peace and bliss is forever lasting.

    Hai Bang H.D.B

* Descartes (1596-1650): Cogito ergo sum (Je pense, donc je suis)

Created by Hiep Nguyen, Sept. 2003