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danh sách tác giả
truyện ngắn
biên khảo,phê bình
điểm sách
phỏng vấn
quan điểm
sinh hoạt văn học

ban biên tập
tìm kiếm
thư tín
giới thiệu sách báo
  Thơ mới & thơ tự do
BẠCH VÂN Hợp Trọng Bùi

In memory of your ravishing smile
As magnificent as a blooming flower
Giving brilliant hopes all the while

In memory of your inviting glance
Warmly forever-kept in my mind
How happy I am with this rare chance!

In memory of that gentle voice,
Sweet melody of your fair words
Carrying me to an extreme rejoice-

In memory of the lovely flowing hair
Embracing tenderly your soothing shoulder
And wafting perfume through the air -

Now alone, on memories I live, and wander ...

Hop B. Anderson

Created by Hiep Nguyen, Sept. 2003