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danh sách tác giả
truyện ngắn
biên khảo,phê bình
điểm sách
phỏng vấn
quan điểm
sinh hoạt văn học

ban biên tập
tìm kiếm
thư tín
giới thiệu sách báo
  Thơ mới & thơ tự do

Your eyes are brighter than the morning star
That is the dreamland’s entrtance of your love
That strongly attracts my romantic soul every second
And I ecstatically feel the heavenly gates open

Your lips are fresh crimson roses blossoming shyly
I am dead drunk with the sweet scent of your affection
Forgetting both fast time and busy human life
I only admire you as charming as a Fairy

Your long black hair falls to your soft shoulders
That the light winds’s hands stroke excessively
And I dream of being the brilliant moonlight
To penetrate entirely your red-hot body at night

Your faithful heart beats profoundly at my side
I fancy that my whole body blazes up
While the fruit of of our Springs love ripens
In the green garden of our happiness full of flagrance

Darling, darling, sit next to me closer and closer
So that the space cannot separate us from each other
So that we can sing a joyful lyrical song together
So that our souls will unite with one another forever

Translate from “Tình Thô” by his author

Created by Hiep Nguyen, Sept. 2003